Thursday, May 25, 2006

Excuse me while I kiss the sky.....

What Jimi Hendrix has to do with my dog Saki and his supermodel-for-a-day status will remain in the eternal clutter of my subconscious.

In my profile I mentioned that Saki was on the cover of an international magazine.

Voila! Here he is with my son Ben's legs resting upon him.

They styled one of the inside photos to look like Saki trashed the couch and passed out...kinda like a young Johnny Depp.

Believe it or not - the magazine got tons of letters from irate Westie owners protesting the pose. Saki is an artist - he can't be expected to live within the narrow social margins of the National Kennel Club - he must express himself freely. These pictures were Saki's way of lashing out against the oppression and excesses of capitalism. Perhaps one day the world will catch up with his genius. Until then, a milk bone or two will have to suffice.


Kranki said...

Is that your living room too?

How cool is that? Seriously cool. You guys are totally famous.

Dr. Deb said...


I have to go out and buy this at once.


PS: Happy Holiday weekend to you and yours.

jodi said...

Such a deep thinker and a cute one too!

Milliner's Dream, a woman of many "hats"... said...

I _love_ those photos. He (and Ben's feet!) are SO cute.

YOU live with CELEBS!


jin said...

What a cute photo!
I think that doggie deserves some home-made treats!
(Were the chocolate chip cookies for him? Heeheehee!!!)

Anonymous said...

That is VERY cool. I was hoping you would post that pic at some point.

What were the Westie owners complaining about?