Friday, May 05, 2006

What did you say?!

Why is everyone in New York shouting all the time?

I've been in several cafes and nice restaurants (work related) in the last month. I can't hear a word my lunch/dinner companions are saying. Everyone is shouting or shout-laughing.

I've always had extraordinarily good hearing. Is it because I'm too sensitive to the noise or is everyone in this dam town screaming instead of talking?

Granted - the nation is in a precarious state right now and living in NYC is impossibly expensive. Is everyone just pumping up the volume?


Kranki said...

Yeah. I don't get this either. And, yes, it also totally bugs me.

Leelee said...

Blame it on the IPOD earbuds. Invest now in a hearing-aid manufacturer and you will be a rich woman.
Maybe by talking so loud NY'ers are subconsciously carving out a larger piece of space/real estate for them selves.