Sunday, May 21, 2006

Parental Guidance Suggested

Brian and I take great joy in being attentive, loving parents to Benjamin. But for the past few weeks, all three of us have been slacking off. Not at work or school but definitely at home.

Like if one person thinks it's a good idea to go eat candy, cookies, ice cream - at any time or for any reason, we all do it. No one is picking up their clothes. Drawings, books and cds are scattered everywhere. My dog Saki has been sleeping on top of the mountain of winter clothes waiting to be stored away.

These days, my dinners are mediocre at best with lots of leftovers going Saki's way.

It takes a single sigh of resignation for all of us to immediately flee to Veselka for sauerkraut perogis or turkeyburger deluxes.

We're acting like a bunch of junior high kids living together with no parents. Oh my God, are we becoming reality tv material?!! I don't know because I don't watch tv. I'd prefer to just go to hell in a handbasket.


Kranki said...

That sounds so nice. Just going with the flow.

Shig said...

Ha! Just found your blog and I can relate-the husband, 14 year old and I were like this a lot until the addition of a baby came along 8 months ago. Not that I'd advise having a baby as a means of self improvement. None the less, since then I've been making everyone eat their veggies, curse less and brush their teeth at least every other day...we have to set some sort of example for the little one. Love the blog!