Monday, December 19, 2005

Happy Holidays!

My tree is up. I'm blasting the Christmas music. Life feels very nice.

So I've been chatting with my writing mentor who HIGHLY suggests that I focus on my manuscript and less on the dozens of diversions I've created to avoid doing so.

Time for a blog sabbatical.

I may not post for a long time but I promise to keep up with all of the wonderful bloggers I've come to know these past five months. Yes folks, I will drown you with comments so be prepared!

I wish you all love, peace, laughter and good health in 2006 and beyond.

much love, east village idiot.


ellesu said...

All the best to you, my blog friend!

May your writing flow smoothly.

puddle said...

Yeah. But what about *me* lol?! Could you just blog at the end of each month? Let us know how it's going?

And may the writing angel attend you.

JT said...

I have some Celtic Holiday music blasting over here, and a mouth full of marzipan from the Tompkins' Square Bakery.

Merry, merry to you, dear friend.

I'm glad you're not ending the Idiot for good!

Kranki said...

Merry Christmas!

You have a mentor!?!


Rozanne said...

It's amazing how many things (e.g., scrubbing toilets) suddenly become urgent when faced with the prospect of working on your writing. At least that's what I've always found.

Good luck with the manuscript, but I hope the blogging sabbatical doesn't last too long.

Anonymous said...

oh no. just discovered your blog, and we have parallel lives. ny'ers that endured in massachusetts return to the old neighborhood. (had son in MA though - Eliz Seton had closed) good luck, i am now off to enjoy more archives.

JT said...

And I also meant to say, good luck with your writing! Hoping to (pretty please) read some of it in the new year!

Julie Marsh said...

EVI, I understand completely, and I do look forward to your comments. Please keep in touch - it is so great to "chat" with someone who is a true New Yorker (something I will never be, despite my best efforts).

Happy holidays to you and yours.

Dr. Deb said...

Dropping in to wish you and yours a Happy 2006!


Dr. Deb said...


Get the writing juices going and percolate off line. We will be here when you get back, ready to here about all that you've been up to. Til then, I got your New York blog back.


Dr. Deb said...


It's 2006.

Where *are* you????