Monday, January 16, 2006

First Love

Shortly before Christmas I spent several days in Boston on business.

Although I am firmly rooted in my hometown, Massachusetts will always feel like my first love. I spent my entire young adulthood there - - all over the state at different times. It was a warm and welcoming place to be for a good natured and somewhat audacious young me.

My best friend in world history lives there. His name is Joe. We were both 20 when I asked him to join me as I walked away from everything and everyone I knew to begin a life of my own making up in Boston. He understood how profoundly on my own I was without me having to spell it out.

Joseph and I met in third grade. We started a discussion that began with the Partridge Family's "Up to Date" record and has continued now for thirty-five years.

He walked me down the aisle when I married my husband in the old Unitarian Church in Harvard Square. Right before we made our grand entrance, he took both my hands, looked into my eyes and said "I have cherished every moment of being your friend - never never forget that".

We've shared countless moments together. Some hilarious, some tragic, some difficult but mostly silly moments.

So I skipped the hotel and stayed with him in Cambridge. It was wonderful. We went to the Rustic Grill in Porter Square - it was warm, cozy and delicous. Living in New York, you tend to forget how friggin whip ass cold that Boston wind can be. You also forget that a "short walk home" in New York is about half the distance of a short walk home on a FREEZING night in Boston.

To make matters worse, on the way home from dinner Joe made me laugh so hard I peed in my pants....literally. Try that one on for size when it's 16 degrees out.

That night I feel asleep in his guest room. It was the best sleep I've had in years. I felt so safe and lucky to be in a room next to my oldest and dearest friend.


Dr. Deb said...

Y'know, those moments when we pee in our pants remain the most memorable of all. There's something so universal about laughing so hard that we lose control. How wonderful that you and Joe have this lifetime friendship. Not many can say that.


Milliner's Dream, a woman of many "hats"... said...

I'm am SO glad to read you again. I check nearly every day.

I have friends like Joe; I'm glad you have each other after all these years.

How goes the writing?


Kranki said...

You are SOOOO LUCKY to have a friend like that. What a great post. He sounds wonderful.

east village idiot said...

dr deb - laughing until you lose control is bliss. Everyone needs one good friend.

Hannah - I would be in schock if you didn't have many many good friends. The writing is going much slower than it should. For some reason though things are picking up lately.

Kranki- I am lucky indeed. People don't always realize what an important impact they have on one another (i.e. It's a Wonderful Life)