Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Strawberry Fields

If I suffered from a multiple personality disorder would I feel less exhausted at the end of the day?

This time last year I bailed out of my "highly successful career trajectory" in the hopes of finally striking a much needed balance between my creative life, my professional life and my family life. Although I've certainly experienced a much welcomed sea change, I still find myself swamped during every waking moment of my day.

Is it possible to experience repressed fatigue syndrome? Perhaps I'm experiencing the neglected exhaustion I had in...say...the summer of 2002.


Kranki said...

That sounds like a good excuse. I'd stick with it.

Dr. Deb said...


ABSOLUTELY. Everything we do catches up with us!!!

BTW, I worked with one true multiple. She was fatigued in extreme ways from repression and splitting defenses. So, say no to that ;)


ellesu said...

Repressed fatigue syndrome? You bet cha. I second Dr. Deb--things catch up with us. I found that out when I quit my 3 part-time teaching jobs to home school my youngest son. It took me at least a year to 'come down.' I had the time to relax but had forgotten how. And how do you relax in NYC with so much to see and do, so much energy? Don't you almost feel *obligated* to participate?

Once my next trip to the City is planned I'll for sure ask for your suggestions. Thanks! My goal is to take my kids (young adults actually) up there this spring. I'm looking at apartments..cheaper than two or three hotel rooms.

I don't know how Baton Rouge is going to make it through this. We had awful traffic problems before and now it's unbelievable. You never know what choices you're going to have at grocery stores. Tempers are wearing thin. People can't live in shelters and hotel rooms indefinitely. Schools are out of room and money. Rents are ridiculously high and everyday you hear of those who have been renting month-to-month being told to leave because the landlord can now get so much more. And it's still so freakin' hot!

As for the media not showing the real picture, I don't get it either. I truly believe they think we can't take it. Why did they stop talking about people jumping or falling from buildings when 9/11 happened? Didn't authorities think a statue of a falling woman was too harsh to be placed in a very public place? I mean..duh! It was a reality.

And as for reality down here, you probably haven't read any stories of NOLA doctors who injected critical patients with morphine when they became distressed because euthanasia is illegal in La. You have to read that in the UK Gardian. And the tourist stories from the Superdome. Did you know the NOPD had planned to send in a helicoptor to evacuate their officers from the Dome? The guard showed up an hour or so before that happened..thank God. I don't know if the rest of the country has seen where nursing home patients drowned in their beds. What about the bodies that were stacked in a freezer (no electricity) at the Superdome, including eldery and at least one child with trauma wounds. The number of bodies at the Dome is disputed, with the NOPD giving one number and some Arkansas guardsmen giving a much higher number. And the missing children. I can't remember the number--my mind wouldn't let it stay. But every night on local news we are seeing pictures of the children who can't be found. And the sex offenders. Again, I forget how many of them are unaccounted for. And it just keeps going on and on....

This can't be sanitized. It stinks to high heaven. There are government officials (elected and appointed), and companies who have death on their hands.

east village idiot said...

kranki - what can i say? I'm beat!

dr.serani - thank you for confirming my half baked theory! and for making me feel a bit better that the mutiples are out there struggling just like the rest of us!

ellesu - I'm speechless. thank you for letting us see the world through your eyes for a moment. So much of what you shared is NOT being shown or discussed up here. Now I wonder what you all saw about the days after 9/11 - the months of terror and hell.
Last time I checked we lived in a democracy with a free press. Now the press is owned by corporations who are keeping them on a short leash. scarey times folks...my prayers go out to you and your family during this crisis.

Milliner's Dream, a woman of many "hats"... said...

I LOVE THIS POST! Thinking about repressing the fatigue syndrome makes me tired.


east village idiot said...

I knew someone with multiple personality repressed fatigue syndrome or MPRFS and all of them were tired. Long live the East Village Idiot and have a rest if your other personalities will keep it down for a minute.

Floridora said...
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Floridora said...

I apologize for publishing a downer, but we (all the me's) have been retired and goofing off for twenty three years and we are exhausted every single evening.