Sunday, September 11, 2005

Screw Prozac - Where's the Xanax?

When you live in New York there isn’t much time to slip back into your daily routine after vacation. Basically the city kicks your ass back into gear – and it’s usually a high one.

There's school, after-school programs, full time work, part time writing, working out, pick ups, drop offs, orchestrating every moment of my son’s day, cooking, housework, looking for a new home - it goes on ad infinitum. Somewhere in there I manage to squeeze in sleep, reading, sex and using the bathroom.

Family memberships at New York museums are a sound investment in your sanity. We can bring Ben to MoMa along with a little friend and feel absolutely no frustration as they go zooming from gallery to gallery as they did yesterday, shouting comments like "look at that picture. The guy has a butt on his head!"

The pinnacle of our visit came when Ben realized he left his drawing pad and pen at home. We told him to tough it out and that we’d bring it along next time. That wouldn't be my standard response to a boy that spends half his day drawing but after two hours of playing prison guard, my empathy level was low.

Later he took me aside and with clenched fists and tears in his eyes, he quietly explained his position to me:

“Mommy, I am an artist. I love to draw. I draw all the time. Drawing is what I do. It’s who I am. You can’t bring me here to look at all this art and sculpture and then expect me not to want to draw what I see. I NEED to do that. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?? I can’t stay in the museum if I can’t draw what I see here. That’s who I am!”

“Good Point” I said.

And we split.

As I write this post there is a punk rock show going on in the park lulling me to sleep.

Say a prayer for the souls lost on 9/11 if you have a chance.


JT said...

Okay, so when do you have time for sex? Please let me know how this is done.

I LOVE Ben's comments at MOMA. I bought a membership there this summer, too, for the very same "family fun" reason.

Milliner's Dream, a woman of many "hats"... said...

I can't wait to visit NYC again sometday...


Kranki said...

Yep! He is an artist alright!

Floridora said...

I miss New York extra much this time of year. You appear to make good use of it.
I tried to write you an e-mail using the link in your "view my complete address." Is it out of date or am I screwed up?

east village idiot said...

writermama -
"family fun" - how hilarious! it's also great not to wait in line with our little monsters who are demanding immediate directions to the gift shop and cafe. breezing through the membership entrance is like cutting ahead of everyone at the Holland Tunnel.

Hh - I hope you come to NYC one day too. But you have to let me know because there is NO WAY you are coming here without crossing paths with the eastvillageidiot!
They filmed Rent in front of my house - when it comes out I'll let you know which building is mine- just so you can laugh at it.

east village idiot said...

Ralph - you are not screwed up - I have NO idea how to access my blog mail. I am truly an eastvillageidiot when it comes to technology. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Frank Sinatra got it right. Autumn in NY can't be beat.

Dr. Deb said...

Fall is my favorite season, and it's true, there's nothing better than Autumn in New York City!

ellesu said...

Hi....Just saw your comment. Things are still a tad off-kilter (to say the least) down here in mean south Louisiana.

I hope your hubby enjoyed his New Orleans visit, and I'm really sad that you weren't able to see NOLA before all this happened. So many ugly things are being said and shown about the city right now (and rightly so) but, if you so chose, NOLA would allow you to have a wonderful experience. She was that kind of city. And I can't imagine that it won't be that way again--someday. Only better for everyone.

I so agree with you; my blood is boiling, too. I don't yet trust myself to start talking about it. It's just too sad. I haven't cried yet. Well, I've cried, just not the ugly, sobbing, runny nose type crying. I'm saving that till the dead have been collected and buried.

Yes, I loved New York, and the people, and the biayls. I had heard about them but didn't know where to go until the guide on our Tenement Museum tour mentioned a bakery (I can't remember the name). The lady there (gruff but polite--how is that possible??) upon finding out where we were from, told us not to go back home because it was too dangerous. She wanted us to stay in NYC. I was so touched.

We did indeed go downtown. Loved the feel! I don't know if I'm cool or hip enough to make it down there. My husband is an artist so we might be able to make it. I'd love to try! :)

BTW, I have the book on order. Thanks & sorry for being so 'wordy.'

east village idiot said...

Dr. Serani - your blog is excellent! I've been directing everyone to it.

my husband loves new orleans so he was happy to make the trip and now very grateful that he was able to see it in all its beauty before the destruction.

I'm so glad you like New York. It really is an international city.
Not just for finance but for culture. Housing is really beginning to spin out of control here though and it's having a terrible impact on the art community. Anything that hurts the arts hurts the city. some people don't get that until it's too late.

Reina Sofia said...
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Reina Sofia said...
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