Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Long time no blog

Sorry folks. It's official.

I am a slave to my son's school Christmas Fair. Please make it go away.

Together with another co-chair, I oversee twenty four volunteer committees for this event. November 19th cannot come soon enough. Having a full time job, plus twenty hours of volunteer work a week - not to mention taking care of the house, the husband, and my little boy is a bit too much for the East Village Idiot to handle.

Is it just me or did the national media all meet at Dunkin Donuts this weekend and decide to skip coverage of the march on Washington against the war? hmmmm.

Comrades, welcome to the new world.

It's a heavenly day out. Sunny and mild. My hubby's birthday. He still looks like he's thirty....tall, blond, blue eyed...not a wrinkle or gray hair in sight. Must be those midwestern hardscrabble genes.

Going out to a swanky nightclub to celebrate. Yahoooeeey!!


Kranki said...

It will be a pain in the ass but HUGE karmic brownie points.

Julie Marsh said...

Hey, happy birthday to your husband!

And you are crazy, but a wonderful person, to take on such a huge responsibility. The Christmas Fair, I mean. Not your husband. Dangling modifier, huh?

ellesu said...

Happy birthday to your hubby. Have fun tonight!

Dr. Deb said...

I do love Christmas and the innocence it brings, but you're right, those fairs and such just suck the life out of us!

The March on Washington was but a blip on the media map. you're right. I don't get it either.

I love Autumn and in the city it's my favorite time of year. I'll be in Friday nite to see Sir Paul at the garden.

Where are you and hubby clubbing? Hope you have a fun, fun night.


Milliner's Dream, a woman of many "hats"... said...

How was the club?!


Leelee said...

Gotta love Libras, they never age. Even when you take them out clubbing on a Tuesday. I hope you two kids had fun

As for the anti-war rally coverage, that had to take the back burner. For godsakes EVI, Donald Trump and Melania are expecting a baby! It was on the front page which means this must effect all of our lives.

Christmas is coming I'd better get cracking on my karmic brownie points. Great now I want brownies

JT said...

Happy Birthday to Brian!

I'm still recovering from bussing to that march, and right, no coverage.

It makes me feel very defeated.

Where ya going tonight?

east village idiot said...

Kranki - will I really get those karmic points if I begin to feel like a bitch about it?!!! I hope so.

MoGo - Crazy is a good word to describe me doing this fair...another good word is jackass.

ellesu - we had a blast and I'll tell you more when I get a minute to post.

dr. deb - I'm so glad you love christmas. For much of my life I dreaded it - wasn't much of a fun time in my house. It has taking much of my adulthood to make it my own. d I do so by focusing on what my beloved immigrant Italian grandmother did by concentrating on the christian underpinnings of the season (buried under capitalism), the extraordinary holiday music from around the world, great ethnic foods, small gatherings, giving to the poor and sending out good vibes to the global community of peace, love and respect for the dignity of every human being. Watching my six year old son sing Oh Tannenbaum in German during Lessons and Carols in chapel certainly hit the spot for me.

My husband's creative and spiritual life is guided by a handful of artists and writers - the Beatles certainly tie for the number one spot. He's seen Paul a bunch of times. Have a great night!!!!

Hannah - promised to post about the club because it was a wonderful very
New York night out. which happens to me about every seven years.

LeeLee - looks like the anti war movement certainly got trumped! And as for my big night out - it was great and made sure to spend $300 that we don't have!

writermama - bless you for getting on the bus - and you're the one who deserves karmic brownie points.