Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Alpha and Omega

I returned yesterday from my super sonic seventeen days of hippie dippie summerfest by the sea all ready to finally hate New York City and prepare for my family's immediate escape.

My plans were thwarted.

Today is sunny, mild and beautiful out. I go back to work on Thursday so I can watch Ben until school begins. Per his request, we had lunch down the street at Life Cafe. Over burgers, we had a delightful discussion about the Hoover Dam and ways to create clean energy vehicles. After years of going to that place I just discovered their beautiful little back garden area. How did I manage to miss it all this time?

We proceeded a few doors down to the Tompkins Square Bakery. It's relatively new to the neighborhood ( a few years old). I never went in until today. I like it. It's pretty but not precious. The baker, who was eager to please, promised that she'd make me a special german chocolate cake for my husband's upcoming birthday.

Across the street, a bunch of black and latino catholic school boys were taking their recess in the park, playing kickball with their ties and jackets on. I remember marching down these streets with my plaid kilt and gray blazer on going off to St. Joseph's Academy. I've always believed my high forehead is due to years of my mother pulling my hair back into the tightest ponytail known to girl-kind. Of course, back then the park was filled with hippies, bongos drums and elderly immigrants seated on park benches.

I love the Tompkins Square area. Thank God it's still a mismatched hodge podge of merchants, people and park.


Kranki said...

Your neighbourhood sounds fantastic.

JT said...

I relate, Ellen. I've been having unexpected lovely days in NYC, too.

Even down at the federal courthouse!

Milliner's Dream, a woman of many "hats"... said...

I love it when you describe your beloved NYC and the East Village.

And I want to steal that description, "pretty but not precious."

Priceless. :)

Leelee said...

me thinks the Omega-3 is kicking in

Dr. Deb said...

The great thing about the big apple is that there is so much diversity and culture. It's amazing to me that you have a legacy of family from the east village. What stories you must have!!!