Wednesday, October 24, 2007


If I read one more article asking the public "has New York City lost it's soul?!", I will most definitely puke.

Where was the glare of the media spotlight for the last several years while unbridled gentrification efforts drove out just about any bohemian/working class/old immigrant/edginess left in the East Village?

My family has been in the East Village for five generations. I'm not naive to all the ups and downs this neighborhood had faced. But it always had a creative soul....until now. It's gone and it's unbelievable to me. Ann Magnuson once said that the East Village was becoming a theme park for the privileged. It's true. How sad.


Anonymous said...

aren't you saying that (at least in part) because you are leaving? I am a 3rd generation LES-er--the soul is NOT gone. Not yet.

east village idiot said...

No it really isn't because I'm leaving. I've been making dragging my innocent blog readers through this issue for a long long time.

I wouldn't argue with anyone who still sees the East Village as a counter cultural stronghold of sorts. People all have different standards and experiences. However, it's hard to miss the massive infusion of a property owning wealth class and all that goes with it.

ellesu said...

What you're saying is exactly what many down my way (and many who "get" New Orleans) are saying. NOLA's uniqueness can never be replaced. And that uniqueness rests in its people (and food and architecture). "Savannah-izing" NOLA?? We already have a lovely Savannah!

I have such a difficult time trying to explain this to people who only see the bad that was/is NOLA. Lots and lots of problems, I agree. But, that's another discussion.

Linda said...

i sadly am somewhat in agreement. i'm apartment searching again, as always!, and the prices in the E.V. are just nuts! not to mention, i'm trying to decide if that's really where i want to be, simply because some of the nutty people i enjoy seeing so much have been pushed out. i was really hoping the LES would be my saving grace though I fear it's worse! i do still adore all the vintage shops but the new bars going up packed with bridge and tunnel new york novices overflowing with beer and $15 martinis make a bit sick to my stomach.

Elliot said...

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