Sunday, October 21, 2007

Red Sox Nation

Red Sox 3 / Indians 2 bottom of the 6th.

How many post seasons can this little family of mine take? It's getting a bit frightening.

Ben is getting older and louder. Brian had made a radical break from his WASPY demeanor with cheers and jeers going off the testosterone charts as each inning progresses.

Without prior discussion with yours truly, Ben informed me that his father now allows him to use the word "asshole" when referring to the opposing team in post season Red Sox Games.

I don't have the energy to challenge male tribal rituals. I'm sure Margaret Mead would agree.


jodi said...

A great post. I will not look at a Red Sox game the same again :-). S2 stayed up for the entire game. The rest of us went to bed early.

JT said...

omigosh, this scene at your house is so fascinating! I'm trying to imagine Brian.... And how great for him that you gave birth to another Red Sox fan--and such a cute one at that.