Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Miracle of Womanhood, Part II

I wound down the first day of my period by telling my family in no uncertain terms that "EVERYTHING HAS TO CHANGE!" and that I'm a bit sick "OF BEING TAKEN FOR GRANTED" and then put my beloved husband on "RED ALERT".

No one seemed too surprised when I stormed out the house at 9 p.m. to go "DO SOMETHING FOR MYSELF FOR A CHANGE!"

God then took me by the hand and sat me down at the Sunshine Theater on Houston Street where I saw the film Paris Je T'aime.

It was beautifully done. Please go see it. You'll feel much better.


Anonymous said...

Just want to say how much I love your blog, and, although I would love to read you every minute, I really understand and appreciate both your limiting your blogging while also giving us insights at least once a week.

I was moved to post this after reading your entry re the Gay Pride march. I am a 60 year old, heterosexual woman (who lives a couple blocks west of you), and I have always made it a priority to be there, on the parade route, every year. This year, I had to be out of town, so what a gift it was to read your description.

Thank you for such beautiful writing. (And, honey, I did the Sunshine thing so many times....)

east village idiot said...


How kind of you to leave me this message!

It took me five minutes to convince myself that you aren't secretly my therapist - who finally discovered my blog and is trying to boost my spirits!

- and thank you for going to Gay Pride - you'll have an extra comfy chair in heaven!

jo(e) said...

This post made me smile.