Sunday, July 29, 2007

Go Fetch

Day Five in Captivity

We are winding down our dog sitting bender for my in-laws in Annapolis.

Seven months ago, they were encouraged by my step mother-in- law's grandchildren to take on a puppy born at a farm in rural MO - near the farms of my in-laws and relatives through marriage.

Long story short. This dog is huge, stupid and totally out of control. It appears to be part pit bull, part lab, part crystal meth addict.

It chews everything in sight and is constantly threatening our dog Saki, trying to snap at us and bite our feet.

This dog is not east coast material. It needs to be shipped to Branson, Missouri.

I've also come to believe that in a past life the state of Maryland was the color beige.


Michael said...


I think I would be kinda lost if I had to leave the New York area. Even the dogs down there are weird ... :)

My fondest memories of Maryland are of the Antietam battlefield from the Civil War, and the short trip over the river from there to Harpers Ferry.

HAR said...

There is little worse than a poorly behaved pit bull!

jodi said...

Hope that you are back home relaxing.

jo(e) said...

Nothing worse than a pit bull mutt on crystal meth.

Linda said...

I agree with your beige comment. boring as hell! and literally, they're all in khakis! Annapolis is my hometown. It's lovely. I don't visit. I don't particularly want to either.