Saturday, July 07, 2007

Thoughts on the Hamptons...

I hate the Hamptons and do everything in my power to avoid going there. Unfortunately, a trip out at least twice a summer is unavoidable due to lovable, well meaning friends who beckon us with open ended offers and puppy dog eyes.

We visit but never sleep there.

I love the ocean. Brian's love of the ocean probably rivals his love for me (truth be told, I probably come in a close fourth behind Ben, the ocean and music...but before the Red Sox - I hope).

So instead of going bike riding on some remote bike trail upstate this morning, I will be joining my comrades on the Long Island Expressway followed by the Montauk Highway to spend what is left of the day sitting by chlorine water.

Did you know that people in the Hamptons don't usually swim in the ocean? I find it extraordinary. It feels like I'm going to a souped up New York suburb but everyone has a bathing suit on.

I'm much more the Edna St. Vincent Millay type. Stick me in a shack high above Longnook Beach on the Cape with some books and my bike. Then go away and let me melt into the landscape for three weeks.


Michael said...

Hey EVI,

I had the dubious luck of being born and raised on Long Island -- not in the Hamptons, but something far grittier and closer to the city.

The thing I liked best about Long Island was leaving it. Just think: Long Island and New Jersey in one lifetime. Oy.

JT said...

Wow, I've been in NYC 12 years now almost and have never been to the Hamptons! My only experience with the Hamptons, in fact, are the Hamptons-related episodes on Sex and the City.

Is the Hamptons anything like that?

And of course, I always think of Billy Joel.

I like how you described your personal beach style.

east village idiot said...

michael - sorry i missed you again! i'm going upstate next weekend - and I know you have your 7/19 commitment. When you have rested and feel up to it, let's pick a specific time and place for tea in the East Village.

julie - you aren't missing much in the Hamptons although you are a glamour hound so you should go out there at least five times to take it all in. Montaulk is nice - but a bit far. Cold Spring Harbor reminds me of Billy Joel. Someone I went out with for years lived near him in that area.

Harry Chapin and Billy Joel remind me of Long Island. But the Hamptons is just a large basket of conspicuous consumption. It must have been beautiful at one time.

Michael said...

You've got a deal, EVI! I would love to meet the rest of the tribe, too.

jodi said...

The shack sounds great though time with friends is good also. How could one have a house on the ocean and not take a dip? Sounds sacreligious. Think I spelled that wrong.

Kranki said...

I think you must come to Vancouver for some beach time. Not as snooty as the Hamptons. Longer drive though.