Monday, July 23, 2007

Dusk in the City

I love this time of day.

I just took my very stubborn dog Saki for a walk. We went down to Two Boots to return and rent a video. I must have chatted with six people on my trip- didn't know any of them - just friendly chatter. Saki is white, fluffy and plump - a real ice breaker in this neighborhood.

The weather is perfect with a light drizzle that comes and goes. Perfect weather to walk in at dusk. Tompkins Square Park is filled with beautiful blooming flowers of all kinds. Come and check it out if you're nearby. It was so peaceful and green in park.

God gave me a perfect evening and this time around I had my eyes open to see it.


HAR said...

Thanks for reminding me to do the same.

Michael said...

... and me, too!

Kranki said...

Don't ya love it when it all comes together?

Anonymous said...

There really are beautiful little moments like this everywhere. The trick is to pay attention.

Michael said...

Hey EVI,

Can you e-mail me your phone number again (or give me a call)? I lost all my phone numbers.