Tuesday, November 29, 2005


For the last few days Brian and I have been discussing who Ben should live with if something (God forbid) should every happen to us.

It is our most dreaded topic because no one immediately comes to mind as THE ONE or THE FAMILY among our relatives.

In an abstract sort of way I posed the question to Ben. It went something like this...

"Ben, who would you want to live with if mommy and daddy were not around. NOT THAT THAT WILL EVER HAPPEN BECAUSE IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. But just say, if you had to live with someone else - who comes to mind as your number one choice? NOT THAT THAT WILL EVER HAPPEN BECAUSE IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN."

He sat there for a minute and thought about it. His first response was "Oh, I don't know mommy. Some nice family with children and a dog who are really nice."

When I asked him for a specific family or person he said he needed some time to think about it. Ten minutes later he returned to the room and said,

"Edward Hopper"

"What about Edward Hopper?"

"I've thought about it. And that is the exact person I want to live with if something happens to you and daddy. He loves to paint and I love to paint. He paints New York and Cape Cod and I paint New York and Cape Cod. He paints pictures of everyday things like warehouses and that's what I want to paint. Just everyday things and he makes them beautiful"

Sometimes my son freaks me out.


Milliner's Dream, a woman of many "hats"... said...

THAT is TOO unbelievable for words.
WOW. How old is this kiddo? 6?
Holy Cow.

Milliner's Dream, a woman of many "hats"... said...

P.S. Don't hate me. I tagged you at my blog for a meme. You up to it? :)

Leelee said...

WOW. He is amazing and so special. God forbid anything would ever happen to the two of you but I'm sure there would be fist fights among many who would want to open their hearts and homes to Ben. I think I'll send this to my sister and make her cry

Kranki said...

I am freaked out and very embarrassed. I had to look Hopper up in my text book. Just hadn't got that far yet in my studies...

Your son is extraordinary!

Rozanne said...

Wow. What an answer! Esp. since Edward Hopper is dead.

Not very exciting Edward Hopper fact gleaned from World Book Encyclopedia, which just happens to be open on my desktop: "He was unable to concentrate fully on painting until he was past 40." Too busy drinking coffee and smoking, I guess.

Dr. Deb said...

I love what your son said. It is such a totally creative and witty reply!!!!

Arranging wills is never easy. And thinking in those terms always makes me feel so awful.

Soon they'll be snow on the big apple. Love NYC and the snow!!


east village idiot said...

I always say to my son. "Hey, Man-to-Man here. Your Dad is getting very old and is "breaking", "on his way to the big ballgame", "not long for this trip on the twirl and hurl", know what I mean?. Now I hope that I don't like colapse when we're like getting in a train or on a crowded street outside a prison in a thunderstorm, but weirder things have happened. Now, stop crying. Your mother will tell you when she gets back from bungee jumping class that we've got some good possibilities lined up for you should something horrible happen to both of us, hopefully not in front of you. So chin up and pass me that nail gun.