Saturday, November 05, 2005

Call me Ishmael

It's after midnight. I'm bloody exhausted. Lots of work at work these days.

And let's just say that Mommy is to Captain Ahab as Chairing the Christmas Fair is to friggin' Moby Dick. I am submerged in an ocean of baked goods, crafts, raffle tickets and anemic volunteers. The white beast is swimming out there and he has mistletoe stuffed in his spout.

An old friend once said "Sweety, you are a perpetual rescuer of souls." As a young woman of Irish/Italian/Catholic descent, I took that comment as compliment when in fact it was a thoughtful warning.

I need to rescue myself.


JT said...

Oh, man. It's come to this. You describe the Christmas Fair the same way my brother-in-law describes his job as a corporate lawyer. Who knew?

Lady, how can I help ease the pain?

(For anyone who doesn't know Ellen personally, she is an incredible person and that damned Christmas fair should be on its gddamned KNEES thanking her.)

Julie Marsh said...

I'm glad to see you, even if you are exhausted. When will the madness end - sometime BEFORE Christmas, I hope.

ellesu said...

....And in true Moby Dick style, that friggin' white beast will surely escape to torture moms and dads through the ages with Christmas Fairs or (in my case) fall Arts and Crafts Fairs....

this too shall pass -- just not quickly or easily.

Dr. Deb said...

That' right!!! It's almost that time of year.


Anonymous said...

Damn..I wish I could be an ant in your kitchen...smelling the goodies and collecting the crumbs after you leave.

Milliner's Dream, a woman of many "hats"... said...

Been there, done that...and may I just also say that I _love_ reading you. Your pith and humour always make me smile.

Plus, it's the NYC thing, you know. But I've said that before!


Kranki said...

You deserve a spa day after this comes to an end.