Sunday, August 08, 2010

Sail Away

Ben just finished two weeks of sailing camp. The pic above is the view I enjoyed while occasionally watching his rag tag group of beginning sailors bump into each other and periodically capsize. It was important for Ben to go sailing this summer. Important for both of us.

On the last day of camp, he won an award (a sailing school tee shirt) for being the most helpful sailor. This brief two week experience helped navigate my young son a little farther out of the safe harbor and out toward the open sea. The person who proudly handed me his sailing certificate is a tall, shaggy haired, sun freckled teenager. Gulp.

Cooking Comment:
A new addition to my posts because I could sure use the feedback. What do you consider a good dinner party dish to prepare when you have to feed 6 adults and five teenagers?


jo(e) said...

I learned to sail as a kid, and I've always thought it a great life skill to have. Really, there's nothing quite like sailing.

jin said...

Quiche or lasagna... those are my go-to's when I need many servings.

Terry at Blue Kitchen said...

Quiche is a great call, Jin! Grilling would also be a good approach, evi. You could grill some vegetables--zucchini, Chinese eggplant and/or asparagus, for instance--ahead of time and serve them room temperature, then throw chicken (oops, you hate chicken these days, don't you?), chops, burgers or whatever on the grill just before time to eat.

jodi said...

Sounds like a wonderful camp.

Dr. Deb said...

Nothing like a young boy on the water with his boat. How wonderful!