Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas in the City

I've been running in and out of the City for the last few days. It is such a comfort to pass through Grand Central Terminal. You can't help but linger at one of the Christmas Fair stalls, small stores or stop by one of the eateries on the bottom floor.

I feel so at home at Grand Central. As a landmark, it holds a special place in the heart of the City. There is so much to explore, so many beautiful details in its design. Everything is bathed in a golden light that can feel quite soothing as your hectic day begins or ends.

During the holidays, music plays across the grand hall of the terminal with a colorful laser show projected across the ceiling. It's corny and festive at the same time.

It's a special place. I love it.


OHN said...

I have now added Grand Central to the places to go on my next trip to NYC. I can't believe that all the times I have been there, I have never ventured to G. C.

I hope your family has a wonderful Christmas :)

Melanie said...

Lovely photo. Happy Holidays.

jodi said...

It looks beautiful. Merry Christmas!