Sunday, August 10, 2008

So that's how babies are born...

Ben had his yearly physical this week. Last year when Ben turned nine, his doctor suggested that we begin to discuss puberty with him.

Keep in mind, my son still marches around the house naked with the total abandon of a five year old. He can frequently be found standing in front of the TV nude with a long forgotten bath towel at his feet, far too mesmerized by ESPN to realize his position in the time/space continuum.

A pre-teen wrap session?! Ben would have none of it. So we moved on.

Ben is now ten. He is a big tall boy for his age (in the 98 percentile - where he always is).
His wonderful fabulous doctor suggested that we begin to discuss the birds and bees with him.

I just don't see it happening, but I had my husband take a crack at it.

Ben said he didn't want to learn about the birds and the bees because he already knows about it.

Reproduction according to Ben:

"A mommy and daddy sleep in the same bed. A mom gives the daddy the eggs, then a mommy gets pregnant and a baby pops out of mommy somewhere down there."

What do you mean "gives the daddy the eggs?"

"I'm not sure about that part. But who cares."

Better luck next year.


Kranki said...

Breakfast in bed takes on a whole new meaning. "How do you want your eggs, Honey?"


Dr. Deb said...

I'm a big believer in talking to kids about the birds and bees when THEY start asking. Sometimes getting the info before a child is truly ready can be traumatizing. You'll know when to have the talk. And if Ben is like all children, it will be done in stages.

My 2 cents.

OHN said...

I remember when I was 8 my mom went to the library and got "the book" and told me all about it..I thought it was disgusting and swore I would never do THAT! When she was done, and asked if I had any questions....the only thing I wanted to know is if I could go watch TV.

I have talked to my boys in spurts (no pun intended) and only when they were ready...YOU will know when he is ready.

Terry at Blue Kitchen said...

Sounds like Ben is in a good place for all this. He's got some basic information and isn't overly interested in more right now. And deb's advice sounds right on the money; when he starts asking questions or you see him checking out girls, then it's time for the talk. You guys have opened the door so he knows he can talk to you, so you're good.

A friend of ours once told us of cleaning out her 14-year-old son's jeans pockets before throwing them in the laundry and finding a tiny action figure, a Hot Wheels car and a condom. Obviously that was maybe a little late for the talk, but you guys have time.

jodi said...

I talked to mine in spurts also, usually when driving the car so no one had to have eye contact :-)!! You both will do fine with Ben.
I do like the "But who cares." part.

ohn said...

Hi EVI~I am going to be in NYC from 9-11 thru 9-14...any village secrets you care to share? Good food...shops etc. I am so excited I am counting down the hours!