Sunday, August 31, 2008

EVI returns from planet vacation

Whew! Two and a half weeks of no technology, no cable, just ocean, bike riding, hiking and sleeping in a secluded cottage on a country road WITH NO TRAFFIC.

Truro was a very welcome respite for me this year. I had no idea that 2008 would be such a major drag. I had lots of time to decompress and make some MAJOR decisions in SILENCE.

Every time I went to the beach, I made a point of running into the water as soon as I got there. It felt like a baptism every time. Nothing like the mighty power of the Mama Atlantic to slap some sense into you. And it did.

I loved the sensation of submerging myself into cold salty water as the waves swells rolled past me-- a force that couldn't give a shit about the day to day worries that piled up in my life for last six months.

It's nice to be able to check on all my blog friends. Especially one down in Louisiana who is getting ready for the storm that's brewing.


Kranki said...


ellesu said...

Isn't the healing power of the beach amazing? Nothing like it. I'm glad to hear you had such a good trip.

We're waiting for Gustav. It's not sounding too good because we're on the bad side of the storm -- the northeast quadrant. I don't know what to say about New Orleans. It sounds as if most people left. That's good. At present, they're hoping the levees will hold or *barely* be topped. (Whatever that means.)

New Orleans isn't fully protected. It's going to take years and if this storm hits them hard I don't know if the will (or the money) to rebuild will be there. As of now tho, it sounds as if New Orleans may escape the worse.

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear about. I'm thinking about Gulf Coast residents tonight, too. happy belated birthday, by the way!!


Terry at Blue Kitchen said...

Welcome back, EVI. Your description of running into the ocean sounds absolutely renewing. Hope good decisions were made and you feel relaxed and ready to move forward.

OHN said...

There is something so healing about the ocean. I have done some of my best decision making while water swirled around my feet as they sank deeper and deeper into the sand. Recharging is a very good thing :)