Sunday, April 27, 2008

Free Love in the Park

Don't be fooled. It is very easy to have a personal relationship with a park. This weekend I got to spend some precious time across the street in Tompkins Square Park. How spoiled I am to have this beautiful green square to look out on every day....well maybe the noise of Avenue A balances it all out.

The other day I was walking Saki through the park. The volume of blossomed tulips was extraordinary. Red and yellow beautiful tulips everywhere and so densely planted together. It almost looked like an error in landscaping. Either that or the bulbs were planted months earlier by someone on speed. The daffodils made a strong second showing. Regardless of the back story, I still enjoyed the flower explosion.

I'd also like to confess that I have become an owner that chats with their dog while walking around in public.

On Friday evening, Brian, Ben, Saki and I went out to the park to shoot some hoops at the corner of the park by 10th and B. The sky was a deep blue violet and the courts were lit by the dim gold lighting that goes on as the sun sets. I felt very happy to be exactly where I was, doing exactly what I was doing. It's been a long time since I've felt that way. It was one of those zen moments that comes out of nowhere. Moments of unintentional bliss.


Dr. Deb said...

Your post made me smile. When I lived in NYC, I used to enjoy walking down to Washington Square. I loved that place.

JT said...

thanks for this. you articulate so beautifully the unexpected magic of tompkins square park--and you make me want to buy a basketball! i attribute my living in new york at all to the existence of that park, which i fell in love with in 1989.

ellesu said...

I've seen New York in late spring/early summer and in the heart (heat) of summer. I would love to see the city in the full bloom of spring. But most of all I'd love to see it in the fall. ....Apparently so does everyone else judging by hotel prices that time of year.

Thank you for admitting talking to you dog. Now I won't feel so odd when I catch myself chatting with my daughter's cat.

Terry at Blue Kitchen said...

A beautiful moment, nicely told. Those kinds of feelings are a little too rare, so it's important to be open to noticing them. Also, even though I've never actually lived in New York, this post made me homesick for it.

jodi said...

You are so lucky to live where you do. So much to do and right at your fingertips. Don't have to drive forever to see it either.