Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Ben Ten

Yep. My baby has entered into the double digits just a few days ago.

We celebrated with his band of cousins and grandparents singing/shouting Happy Birthday to him.

The cake was HUGE. I ordered a 12 inch cake that looked a helluva lot more like a 16 inch cake that was six inches high. Basically it appeared to be a Dr. Seuss cake. Something you might see eaten in Who-ville. The outside was chocolate ganache with a devils food cake and chocolate mousse filling....I am not a fan of chocolate but even I enjoyed it. We ordered it at Ciao for Now on East 12th Street between Ave. A and B. They did a teeeeriffic job.

We gave Ben an electric guitar, an Epiphone - "like the one John Lennon had". I realize I may live to regret this purchase but I married a musician so I stand unafraid.


jodi said...

Happy Birthday to Ben. Double Digits!! The guitar should be fine. I got used to the drums :-)

Linda said...

i think its wonderful you gave him a guitar. i bet he's having a blast.

Kranki said...

Happy Birthday Ten Ben!

I sure wish I had some of that cake. Sounds amazing.

JT said...

i can't believe a decade has passed since I saw you opening presents at your baby shower and intermittently spitting into a cup! Wow--a guitar is a great gift for Ben!

nejyerf said...

happy belated birthday to ben!!

the cake sounds delish.

isn't there something wrong with that sentence? that something can "sound" delicious?