Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Coney Island Cyclone(s)

So, where were you on Labor Day? I'll tell you where I was.

First I was here watching the Brooklyn Cyclones beat the Staten Island Yankees.

I MORTIFIED my son by bringing carrot and celery sticks with us...can't help it...it's the Alice Waters in me! He chomped on them discreetly but was almost certain that someone in the park would find me out and make a citizen's arrest. He literally forced me to cover the veggies with my hands for fear of being discovered.

Then I was here with Ben as we watching Brian practicing his own brand of therapy:

I love watching my husband on the Cyclone. He's so liberated and thrilled to be there. I love watching everyone on the Cyclone. I guess it's my brand of porn. I love watching people being absolutely thrilled and out of control.

Brian insisted that I have to join him on this plunging colossus for his birthday. I used to LOVE rollercoasters but after a wicked bad middle ear infection followed by a severe case of vertigo, I put rollercoaster rides right up there with pelvic exams. Looks like I'll be saddling up for both this fall!


Glad to hear the Coney Island will be open for the next few years...at least that's what I understand from the news.


nejyerf said...

out of curiosity, do you bring your own snacks to the movies too?

that would push him over the edge!!

Angelissima said...

carrots and celery! hilarious.

jodi said...

I so feel for Ben. My mother brought healthy snacks with us to the circus. Sigh. Agree with you on the roller coasters. I'd rather watch. Beats feeling dizzy and ill at the end.

Kranki said...

I too am a watcher of roller coasters. We have a wooden one at our local fair and the noise it makes is amazing. Very cool.

Good job with the embarrassing. Isn't that what mothers are for?

JT said...

omigosh, we were at Coney Island, too on Labor Day! Instead of watching people on the Cyclone--and that is so cool you have a Cyclone rider in your family--I was watching people on that horrendous ride Top Spin. I hate scary rides . . . will you really ride the Cyclone?

ellesu said...

I wanted to go to Coney Island when I was up there, and a Russian night club. Aren't there Russian night clubs (or supper clubs) around the Coney Island area?