Friday, August 24, 2007

Sweet Summer

Our three weeks in Truro will come to a close tomorrow morning.

Today's forecast was overcast - - which always translates to warm and sunny. Spent the morning at Longnook Beach. After lunch, we had a quick glimpse of the Red Sox game and a trip to the beloved Wellfleet library before heading out to the bay.

Saki joined us as we stayed on the beach until sunset.

The end of my sacred vacations up here always bring on a sudden sense of grief - - that feeling before losing or letting go of someone/thing precious. My senses become so acute - wanting desperately to absorb the salty sea air. the firey sunset, the beautiful water and all of the sounds of summer.

I spent the late afternoon sitting on the shore reading poetry. Brian and Ben swam and played in the water as the sun was hitting the horizon. It was an exquisite farewell for us.


Linda said...

this is a beautiful post. glad to hear you are soaking in every last wonder summer has to offer.

Angelissima said...

This is wild! I've never heard of Truro, but I researched the cape and found Truro to be where I want to go.
I've booked a place in Sept.
For the second time I've had confirmation about this mystical place.

Michael said...

May fond memories of this vacation sustain you and yours until your next one ...