Tuesday, August 28, 2007

OK I admit it....

It's my birthday.

And there's a lunar eclipse that is blowing everyone's socks off today.

Something about this day brings me back to eight year old Ellen every time.

Makes me smile.

Which is why I never work on my birthday.

It's against the law for eight year olds to work.

Unless it's at a lemonade stand.


Kranki said...

HAPPY 8TH BURPDAY! Even the universe is celebrating with you.

jodi said...

Happy Birthday. Hope you are doing fun things.

Michael said...

Have a great birthday, EVI. Look forward to seeing you soon.

nejyerf said...

happy birthday!! 'll buy a cup of lemonade

and i thought i was special because my birthday is also Earth Day.

a lunar eclipse so beats out Earth Day!!

Angelissima said...

Happy Birthday!
Don't stare at the sun.

OHN said...

No work--just play all day..sounds like a good plan. (I always buy myself a present too:)

ellesu said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!

....I love the 8th b'thday memories/feelings. I've been trying to recall b'thday memories of my past -- at least one.

Hope it was a fun day for you.

HAR said...

My best friend never works on her birthday either. I think it's great. Hope you stay eight for a long time.