Monday, June 11, 2007

Neither More Nor Less - Bob Arihood

I followed my blog friend Michael's (One Foot in Front of the Other - see link on the right) advice and checked out the blog Neither More Nor Less (also linked on the right).

The blog just blew my mind. It made we want to cry at some points. He had pictures of a mass at Mary Help the Christians Catholic Church - where my uncle was a priest for years. He showed pictures of a torn up St. Brigid's Church engaged in a battle with developers to somehow gain landmark status in its final hours.

He even knows who Hotdog is!!! How in the world does he know her!? Of course he knows the Mosaic Man - but Hotdog - that is just a whole other level of knowingness.

There was a guy who basically lived on our stoop for years. We called him "Married with Food Stamps". Every time one of us gals would walk out of the building, he'd come out of his haze, compliment us and say "Marry me...I have food stamps!!"

This guy even knows that Bernard Goetz has been active in animal rescue at Tompkin's Square Park.

I'm surprised he doesn't take pictures of all the Yemen guys who work at the bodega near my building on A. They are such a big part of the world here - and I love them!

It's been a very long time since I've felt sad about leaving my bought out neighborhood - - but he got me there.


Michael said...

Yes, Bob's photography is something, isn't it? I come down from Jersey once a week to shoot in the East Village and Greenwich Village. But this guy has been at it for 35 years, and often seven days a week! When I met him, I just kept thinking, There's a LOT I can learn from this man.

I know the bodega you mean. The young kid who works there is pretty cool. Has good taste in rap music.

Rice said...

Photography has a way of touching us all in a unique way. It is my favorite part of looking at other blogs.
rice AKA har and my new blog address. I am now in the witness protection program.

HAR said...

It would help to leave the address:
I think you can click on this.

Bob Arihood said...

Thank you for the kind words .

Bob arihood

Anonymous said...

Did you say Hotdog? Dang. I know who you mean but I forgot her name until just now stumbling into the this post. WTF happened to Hotdog? I haven't seen her in a couple years. (She could be around, it's not like I look for Hotdog.)The last time I saw her, she was spinning in circles, nearly knocking people over, in front of some awful punk bank in Tompkins. Oh, and when I mentioned to my erstwhile friend Todd that I had seen her, he said "OH, hmmm. Did I ever tell you about the time Hotdog gave me a reach around at the Horseshoe bar?" I'll stop there.

Yes, Bob Arihood's blog rokz.