Friday, June 01, 2007


as David Bowie would kind of say.

My husband just got offered a faculty position at a school about 90 minutes away from NYC - in Connecticut.

For one day we were scared and argued a bit.

Even though this decision dictates a host of significant changes in our lives, somehow, after the initial fear passed, I was glad that something came along that forced our hand.

My biggest fear/problem is feeling stagnant. It drives me mad. I'm not afraid of change most of the time - as long as it's creative or thoughtfully approached.

Stay tuned.


Michael said...


For what it's worth, I find that things usually work out the way they should, and if something is meant to be, you can't stop it even if you tried.

Good luck with your decision.

east village idiot said...

Thanks Michael. Sometimes you need to have the ceiling blown off the top of your life.

I love my building and Tompkins Square Park. I love the neighborhood gardens here and the old timers.

And I happen to be the worst mover known to mankind.

But I've known this change needed to come.

But before I leave - you and I are going to have coffee in the hood.

Michael said...

Yes, yes, yes. Maybe we cal all get together for a nice lunch at Life Cafe. Or wherever. It's the company that I'm really looking forward to.

Anonymous said...

I like your outlook. Your approach is refreshing. "Change by force". I'm walking through the same neighborhood these days. Good to know I'm not alone.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.

jodi said...

That is very cool for him. It's always nice to know that someone outside of one's world thinks so highly of what one has done in life to offer them a job.

90 minutes isn't too bad. Your close enough to come back to the city on day trips and far enough to get a breath of fresh air and maybe that little cottage that you've been thinking about.

Good luck with the choice.

JT said...

Well, to me it all sounds very glamorous. Change is hard, not matter what new situation you're moving into. If you do decide to move to CT, maybe knowing that Keith Richards lives there will make it easier. It would for me.