Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Day of Mommyness

My special day of Mommyness began with a painfully early morning little league game, followed by a very relaxing picnic at the Hudson River Park.

It was a beautiful day in New York. The city blocks west of Hudson Street were surprisingly peaceful and I somehow managed to be acutely aware of the rare tranquility I found myself in.

I actually recall thinking "Oh my God. I'm living in the moment - how did this happen?"

My very wise and caring husband made sure to give me two swell books I've been wanting. One is the new biography of Alice Waters and life at Chez Panisse and the other is Julia Child's reflections on her years in France.

My gifts were presented to me in an ultra pink canvas Strand Bookstore bag coupled with a perfect mom's day card. You see, my husband appreciates that at my core I am a super girly girl. This recognition helps when I spend most of my time being a super bossy boss of lots of people and projects and money and blah, blah, blah.

Sometimes I just want to drive off in my Barbie camper....with my new pink book bag.


jodi said...

Sounds lovely.

Dr. Deb said...

What a fab day for you!

JT said...

You know, I always get mad at myself when I don't do something political on mother's day, and then I stopped and thought, I should just enjoy myself and let people bring me things. (Not that being political isn't enjoyable, but I can do that every day.) I would have become completely dismantled with pleasure if I'd been presented with two well-chosen books in a well-chosen Strand bag--pink, no less! My favorite!

Michael said...

I'm glad you had a nice Mother's Day. I would've liked to have been in the East Village, or anywhere in Manhattan, that day because I think the photo opportunities of intergenerational connectedness would have abounded.

Failing that, the mental images of people like you having a good time are more than sufficient.

Linda said...

haha i know exactly what you mean. i'm girly when i have time to be really. i wear make up only when i am bored and have the extra time to apply it -- i almost miss having days out with groups of gals and talking about nails and hair, that dress and those shoes rather than political debates and the nouveau social fabrication of north vs. southern france -- the topics of late. not that i don't enjoy some good ol' intellectual banter, but the girly bla bla is lacking. hope you had a fab mother's day!

Linda said...

edit - not "hope" -- glad you had a lovely mother's day. ::i need another cup-a-joe::