Saturday, May 12, 2007

Pumpin' Up the Volume

The buildings next door just got purchased by a real estate company that is notorious for pushing people out of their apartments.

Ugh. This news is depressing. I guess this is the final stage of gentrification. The real estate scum bags driving old people, immigrants and regular working people out of their homes.

Manhattan has become a Disneyland for the uber wealthy of Wall Street and the world. The emerging art/counter culture communities are a thing of the past. I guess we're Los Angeles.


Michael said...

It's very sad, EVI. Just when you think something's gotta give, the bar gets raised -- or lowered? -- another notch.

I agree with you about the real estate developers and the yuppies. So many hungry ghosts, as a Buddhist might put it. Or like squirrels looking for a nut, as a 1980s R&B song lyric put it.

jo(e) said...

It's horrible.

Kranki said...

Oh poo! I hate it when I hear about stuff like that. Those poor people.

Linda said...

terrible. did you see that article in the times last week of the guy gentrifying the LES? despite the fact that i love inoteca, it makes me rethink things after reading about all of his work and future plans. it's nice to build up the place, but it's not for him to do, it's for the artists living there -- despite the fact that he grew up there -- it's not his place to speak for those growing up there now. my two cents at least.