Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Erin Go Blaaaaahhhh.

I'm sitting here watching Visions of Ireland on WLIW Public TV. Just me and thousands of 80 year old Irish American's in the greater metro area.

Today is day four of the worst tummy virus I've had in ages. It's left me weak, depressed and extremely cranky.

Work is non stop and home life has its own worries lately.

I just want to cry.


Michael said...

Here's hoping you're back in your feet soon.

Michael said...

oops ... that should be "on" your feet. But you knew that ...

JT said...

Blah! I know that feeling even when I'm not sick!

Love to you!

jin said...

Cheer up EVI
Take one moment at a time
when you think life sucks
come back & read this rhyme

Think of all the people
you'd never want to be
thank the stars you are yourself
and let your mind go free

Free of all the worries
if only for a while
tomorrow you can solve those problems
that bewilder & beguile

Spend some time a-blogging
procrastination's key
if they yell that it's not done on time
it's ok...just put the blame on me!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that everyday life and crummy health are teaming up on you.

Hope you feel better soon.

(I saw part of the Ireland show also. I didn't realize that Ireland had waterfalls.)

Linda said...

OMG i'm so sorry to hear this. do you need anything? you know, we are practically neighbors? i'm being serious now... if you need a nice meal to keep you going, let me know, i'll be happy to drop something by (though since you have a tummy bug maybe food isn't really what you need..) regardless, im sending you good vibes as i type. don't worry, things will look up soon enough. just take a deep breath, and try to smile and think of something lovely, like those beautiful waterfalls in Ireland ;)

east village idiot said...

Wow. Thank you all for being so kind with your comforting remarks. It really cheers me.

michael - I had to laugh - being that you are a master copy editor. See me after class!

writermama - thanks writermama. i'm wondering if i have some sort of infection inside. it really hurt for a long time - in ways it shouldn't. but as Miss Scarlet would say "I'll just think about that tomorrow."

Jin - I love that poem. You are as sweet and delightful as your wonderful confections. Please adopt me! I'm income generating!

Jar - LOL If I knew you were watching I probably would have lightened up immediately. Ireland is beautiful isn't it. Someday I hope to go there.

Linda - you are such a kind person. seriously. I thought I might have seen you at the Union Square Green Market the other day. I don't know why that crossed my mind. She was a pretty brown haired young woman who looks like your picture.

ellesu said...

I hope you're feeling much better by now.

Have you read "How the Irish Saved Civilization?" I never knew they had done that.

I fully intend to have a Guinness (or two)in an Irish pub one day.
....Probably won't order a Black and Tan, tho.

Linda said...

funny you should say you thought you saw me -- i was photographing in the park and around the E.V. last weekend (the two on my "so long" post are some i took), and i thought of you and michael. i always tell jurek (my boyfriend) when we're in the park that you and your son are probably within feet of us throwing a ball or something and we would never know it! if you ever really think its me -- you better say hello!