Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Temperature v. The Real Feel

Yesterday I rushed to pick up my son from his after school art class. It was dusk and the wind was wickedly cold. The chill didn't bother me because with ear muffs on, I can face down just about any winter weather.

I stood at the corner of 1st Avenue waiting for the light to change. The weirdest thought entered my mind. I get more comfort from my earmuffs than I ever have from my mother. An odd comparison but I'm not sure how wrong it is.

Maybe I should get her some nice earmuffs.


Michael said...

Not such a weird comment. I understand perfectly.

Linda said...

at first glance i thought your second sentence began with "i was drunk..." clearly it is much to early for me to be on blogger.

the ears thing -- so true. i walk 7 short and 4 long blocks to work and the only thing that ever bothers me is my ears. sure my legs can be a little numb and my face but that never seems to phase me. my ears actually HURT when they get so cold.

you should most certainly give your mother a pair of lovely ear muffs!

Kranki said...

Yeah, even the best moms are totally unwilling to walk behind you covering your ears against the cold.

ellesu said...

Oh, the ears. A couple of years ago I was in Chicago during what was predicted to be the coldest days of their winter. Before I went, people told me to carry a scarf or something to cover my ears, but I thought it would be too much trouble. !! Needless to say, the first thing I did in Chicago was to buy a scarf and a band type thingie to cover my ears -- before they froze and broke off.

But what about runny noses? Every time I'd go inside a building my nose would start running. Not a pretty sight.

Very interesting comparison about your mom and your earmuffs. Unfortunately, I think I know what you mean.

Anonymous said...

When I first read this post the first thing that came to mind was EEKS. Not very literate I'm afraid. Then after I read it again (and understood it perfectly) I had the same reaction. It is a great comparison. As to von krankipantzen's statement - it's just because some moms haven't thought about how to do it yet :-)

east village idiot said...

michael - I kinda guessed you would.

linda - cold ears are the worst. It makes me miserable - there is something so brutal about it.

kranki - I knew I could count on your dry Canadian humor - thanks for making me smile.

ellesu - NEVER go to chicago or Boston without a hat - - ever - - in any season.

Jar - the key to earmuffs for me is that it feels like someone is embracing me and keeping my head warm - when I was younger I used to put them on when I felt sad ....which gives you some idea of the crazy person you're dealing with.

east village idiot said...
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east village idiot said...
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Dr. Deb said...

I totally understand!