Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year Y'All!

The holidays are finally over. No casualities! Just nice visits.

Christmas in North Carolina grows on you after a while. Even though we break it up with a day or two in Annapolis, the drive is still a long one with a little boy and chunky dog coming along for the ride. It amazes me each year how Ben never complains or freaks out. By the time we get to Sanford, North Carolina I'm ready to file for divorce. Brian says that exit is my official breaking point.

We brought back huge boxes filled with Brian's childhood train set and all the toy cars and trucks he kept so well taken care of. He pulled them out of his mom's attic and sorted through them for hours. When he looked up, he didn't even have to say it....

We're skipping the condo and coop world and looking for a house. Gulp.

On one level it feels good to finally have clarity on the situation. On the other hand it means a very different neighborhood....at least it might mean that. But then - what neighborhood am I talking about?

On New Year's Eve, we walked home from a friends house down Avenue A. A really super french/dutch couple with wonderful kids around Ben's age. There was such a great mix of people - I don't want to lose that. As we walked home someone shouted out of a fancy SUV "Happy New Year Everyone, and I hope 2007 is a wonderful and productive year for each and every one of you!!!"

Granted - that's a lot nicer than saying "Bite my ass in 2007" - - but to have someone shout out an internal memo salutation on my street well....it's a bit heartbreaking and sadly funny.

This place is changing. I'm changing too - though I loathe to admit it. But Jesus Christ - I'll never change that much!


Anonymous said...

How far out will you have to look?

Leelee said...

Funny, I was walking my dog last week in the evening and someone in an SUV passed and shouted DIRTY WHORE! at me. My neighborhood is changing too.

You guys are going to find a great house in a terrific neighborhood and make new life long friends.

Kranki said...

How exciting. 2007 sounds like a new adventure.

Michael said...

Hi there,

I just stumbled onto your blog and am glad I did. Though I live in North Jersey, I'm an East Villager at heart (and my family's roots there on my dad's side go back more than 100 years).

I look forward to reading more about your adventures in living in our favorite neighborhood. In the meantime, I invite you to visit my blog, ohenrosan.blogspot.com. I'm a weekend denizen of the EV, and my blog consists in large part of photos I've taken there. Who knows, you might see the face of someone you know!

All the best,

Dr. Deb said...

Don't change AT all.

Linda said...

Annapolis?! that's my home town!