Monday, April 10, 2006

Window Dressing

The probability of moving from my east village neighborhood and family home is increasing as each day passes...unless of course the miracle I filed with God kicks in.

And so I begin my retrospective. Here's what I see when I wake up in the morning. Tompkins Square Park. Lots of it is green - just not the part I stare at after I rub my eyes at 6 am. It isn't a very big park - just one long city block (between A and B) by three street blocks (from East 10th, 9th, st. mark's to 7th).

My mom's family lived in this building. My dad was born in 1928 across the park next to St. Brigid's, a catholic church his Irish grandfather helped to build for their community.

People use the black top from dawn to midnight. Every type of person is out there at some point in the day. There's the old Chinese couples doing tai chi in the early morning hours, the homeless who wander in at dawn when the park gates open taking their seats near the chain link baseball backstop, urban catholic school students coming in double file for gym class before noon, babies learning how to walk and chase their shadows, teenage skate boarders of every shape, color and size flaunting their ability to defy gravity after school, immigrant workers playing a quick game of soccer or baseball and kids playing basketball, learning to bike, kick and throw a ball.

Give New Yorkers a few square feet of open space and they'll give you a show that never ends.


Anonymous said...

Hey. . .
That's my window!
It's interesting how the Christo Doro lords over the park in the picture. It used to be a community center. Now it is high priced condos.
Long live the EastVillageIdiot who will always be the Queen of Tomkins Square Park.

Deb said...

It's amazing to have a place where you can view life in progress. I live in New York too--but more in a private area. Not too far from the city. But the thing I love most of all about going into the city is people watching. It's just fascinating.

Kranki said...

It is hard to not be in the thick of things. I am putting the good vibes out there so you don't have to move.

Julie Marsh said...

What a great view. Whether or not you end up having to move, I look forward to reading more retrospectives.