Friday, March 24, 2006

Ye Same Olde Story

Here I am in Colonial Williamsburg.

This is my maiden voyage into colonial reenactment communities and I'm kind of digging it.
These costumed people really know their history.

I can tell that most people feel a bit awkward talking to someone who is trying to convince you that it's 1774 and that we're sitting in a major national hub. But not me. I walk right into it with my eyes wide open. I suspend disbelief faster than most people can snap their fingers.

All my life I've suffered from what I call my "Diane Arbus" condition. I can plug into just about any world someone is in as long as I can make that connection between me and that person. The more I connect the less and less anything else matters. It can be a transexual,an Amish person, or bus driver or even a transexual Amish busdriver (well, former Amish) - - if they've got something to share that hits me...well, I'm there.

It's not good or bad. Wise or stupid. It's just a way of being.

But it can be a drag for friends and loved ones who want to high tail it out of ye old furniture makers shop while I'm sitting there asking the colonial dude twenty questions.

Spring in the South is hard to beat, folks!


jodi said...

Glad to hear that your enjoying Williamsburg. It is a beautiful spot.
Did you eat at any of the houses (restaurants)? I did years ago (rabbit) and I still remember having to hold myself back from licking the plate!!

Kranki said...

That sounds pretty cool. Pics?

Milliner's Dream, a woman of many "hats"... said...


When I was last there a costumed slave broke character as I choked up, to tell me that it was "okay."

"Some days I do this dress up thing and just realize I can take it off at the end of the ancestors couldn't."