Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Zen of Ben

March 30th - Today is Benjamin's birthday. He's officially eight beautiful years old.

I love his birthday. I remember the actual day so clearly. Wondering when I'd know for sure when it was time to go to the hospital and remembering my doctor saying "you'll know - because you won't ask me - you'll tell me." oh...was she right on that count!

The labor, the hard labor, the pushing. Feeling a bit terrified by the intensity and nature of this strange new pain. Knowing there was nowhere to hide and realizing that accepting the pain as part of the process was the answer - not wasting all my energy on resisting nature taking its course.

Since those beginning moments Ben has taught me so much about life. Parenting constantly demands that we confront ourselves. At the same time it gives us the best reason in the world to keep growing into the person our child inspires us to be. It reminds us (gently and sometimes not so gently) to live in the here and now. And that nothing is more important than love and communion between people.

I love this picture of Ben and me. He's my son but in many ways he's my sun. And here he is eclipsing me with his optimism, his humor, his kindness and unending curiousity about the world.

I'm blessed to bask in the shadow of his beautiful shimmering soul.


Dr. Deb said...

Happy Happy birthday!!!!

Kranki said...

Happy Birthday, Zen Ben!

Julie Marsh said...

Happy belated birthday to Ben!