Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Spread Those Legs Girls!

I just returned from another trip to Boston/Cambridge. There are so many emotional ties there that it always takes a day to get used to the place. It's a home to me almost as much as New York is.

So what does my trip have to do with the preceding headline?

I'll tell you what. There is no getting away from women being crushed in their own seats on the subway - be it New York or Boston.

Why do men have to sit with their legs so far apart that you'd think they're about to enter the final stages of labor?

Meanwhile, women like me are forced to press our legs together and frequently even curl our shoulders for the duration of our commute as the men we are wedged between are essentially spread-eagle in their seats.

Are their genitals that sensitive to any type of pressure? If so, how the hell do they survive horseback riding, spinning classes or sex? Or is it more a question of territory? Should I be grateful that they don't unzip and urinate around their seats to mark their space?

Please explain.


Dr. Deb said...

OMG, I love how you described this. I also wonder the same thing too? I know for men there are bits needing space, but come on....

Milliner's Dream, a woman of many "hats"... said...



Kranki said...

I have no idea and will continue to check back in case somebody knows the answer. But, yes, that drives me nuts.

Julie Marsh said...

HA! Given that I rarely sat on the subway - even when pregnant, because god knows no one can be persuaded to forego their seat unless a pregnant woman announces that she may very well throw up if she does not get to sit down soon (which I did once on the 7 train out to a Mets game - you should have seen the reaction) - I have observed this same annoying phenomenon on just about every subway trip I've ever taken.