Sunday, June 19, 2011

Make a Joyful Noise....

So you might have noticed that my son's adolescence has been holding me hostage for the last several months. Between the overload of hormones and homework, my husband and I shed tears of joy when the school year finally came to an end on Friday.
Could some kind soul please tell me when adolescence ends? Is it 14? 15? (gulp) 16? I don't know if I have the emotional, physical and needless to say, intellectual stamina to make it through three more years of this.
I am all for an integrated curriculum but having my son do an essay, keynote, video montage and POEM on the interdependent relationship between China and the U.S. as seen through an economic lense is pushing it a little too far.
Thank goodness I now have a garden to escape to on the weekends. Pulling weeds, watering and planting is so satisfying after hand to hand combat with a 13 year old son who is three inches taller than I am.
The above photo is a close up of one of the peonies growing in my garden. Make no mistake, I inherited 80% of these flowers from the past property owners. The white and pink peonies are gorgeous. I think they are the sexiest flowers I've ever seen. They are so voluptuous that their stems buckle under the weight of their round multi-layered bloom.  After two weeks or so, they slowly implode and the pedals fall to the ground.

One treasure I share with Ben is driving up to CT on our own to meet his dad at the house. Ben dons his ipod and eventually starts singing in full voice along to music I cannot hear. I love how he feels free enough to sing in front of me in this way. In "real life", he is too shy to sing much. He weaves in and out of a melody, sometimes a bit off tune, lyrics dropped, sometimes the lead singer, sometimes the background. Make a joyful noise unto the that's one line in the Bible I agree with.

Enjoy the late spring!


jodi said...

Michael (my youngest) used to sing from the bus to the house. I could hear him coming down the street. When does adolescence end? My oldest, who was never very dramatic as a teenager, got all moody and hard to deal with last summer at the age of 22. We couldn't get away from each other fast enough. Now everything is fine. Hopefully Ben is like Michael and gets it done early :-).

OHN said...

Having three sons and one husband I can tell you that adolescence ends around the time they make their own first house payment :-)

Just keep talking to him. He will act like he is completely tuning you out but down the road he will admit he heard you and *gasp* you actually DO know what you are talking about.

It gets better. I promise.