Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's so beautiful, it looks fake....

When I was a child in the 60's. the title of this post was the highest compliment you could give about something -- sunsets, hairstyles, cereal. You name it.

Tonight I made fish sandwiches for dinner. Fresh flounder dipped in egg/milk and dredged in flour/cornmeal friend until light golden brown. add lettuce, tomato, slice of cheese, homemade tartar sauce, carefully pile it on a bun next to some thick cut fries and sliced cucumbers and you've got dinner in Guyville.

Brian had a long hard day at work. He took one look at his dinner and his heart took flight. He informed me that my dinner should be on the cover of Gourmet magazine for a comfort food issue. I'm not holding my breath.

Truth be told, I've recently found it difficult to feel inspired when I cook. For the last few months, I don't have much of an appetite. Could it be the vitamin D I'm taking in the morning? I've never felt this way before. Cooking (like writing) has always been a creative endeavor for me. In the last year and a half, we gave in to too many hamburger and french fries requests from Ben (made at home or a nearby diner) and tried to ignore his rapidly shrinking food pyramid. My weekly menu hits all the major food groups but I've found myself avoiding more vegetarian based meals (other than pasta with veggies) because I'm too tired to fight the fight with him. That may have been a mistake. How do I dig myself out of it? I need beans in my life.

By the way, I love my black skillet. It is my favorite pan ever and always will be. My Italian grandma had a big black pan just like mine and I worshiped it. It holds a sacred space on my kitchen wall.


jodi said...

It does wear on you doesn't it. Dale used to be an extremely picky eater as is my oldest as he is a vegetarian now. My youngest was also until his last year of high school or so. He will eat most everything now. But the damage is pretty much done. I cook a basic meat, potatoes, and throw on a salad or other vegie and call it night.
The fish dinner you fixed sounds lovely.

east village idiot said...

I appreciate you sharing this comment. It has worn me down - and it came on slowly. I'm trying to get back in the saddle because I love to cook.

OHN said...

I should do the math and figure out how many meals I have cooked in the last 30 years. No, maybe I shouldn't.

I have tried to "shake it up" with new recipes etc, and usually end up with mediocre-semi-praise. My husband doesn't think it is a meal unless it has meat in it somewhere. Not even pasta can escape....I get the "What? No meatballs??".

I have all the right things on the counter, in the fridge....but even when they are out in the open, my family is always digging in the drawers to see if something "good" (ie: sweet/junk/zero nutritional value) is hidden.

Yes. I have given up. The old, horse to water thing.

Melanie said...

Homemade tartar sauce and a fish sammy--yum!! I love your frying pan.

Terry at Blue Kitchen said...

A beautiful skillet and a lovely post. The fish sandwiches sound delicious. I have to admit, I've never warmed up to cast iron cooking. The pans always seem like the cooking equivalent of cloth diapers--too much work for too little payoff. Regarding beans, how's Ben on chili (or chili mac or chili dogs)? Or you might try this rustic dish, Chicken Breasts with White Beans. One of the ingredients is bacon, so even a boy might like it.

betribal said...

I think the only solution is to send Ben to Baseball camp with a guaranteed strict diet of hamburgers X3 meals Xday. Upon her return fr. sleepaway this yr, our own 12 yr old proudly informed us that she had several meals of burgers AND bacon...what else are u supposed to do in camp but explore the forbidden?! you are doing just the right thing but providing these treats--No beans for Ben. He is sure to rebel by returning boastfully announcing his soy and sprout filled exploits...

Anonymous said...


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Dr. Deb said...

I used to feel that way about the silk or plastic flowers that were in relatives homes back in the day.

Some people taking vitamin D report stomach upset and fatigue. Could be that your body is working hard to metabolize and incorporate the supplement.

I hope you can continue to find your cooking spirit again soon. And the fish sandwich sounds so yummy.

Melanie said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you EVI..wish you were here. Just walked through Tompkins..nice and warming now with a spiced apple cider.

Moon to Moon said...

That skillet is beautiful, I am vegetarian now but one thing I really miss is Fish finger sandwiches. YUm!.
Thank you for linking to my blog
xx Violet

Dr. Deb said...

Popping by to wish you a Happy New Year!!

Brownie said...

I love my cast iron frying pan. It is a staple on my stove.

Nice post.