Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dazed and Confused

I have a confession to make. I have no friggin idea what the hell my gmail password is. Every time I log in, I swear that I take a stab at one of three passwords...and they are different every time. And they all work.

Is that allowed? Or am I just hallucinating? At first it really bothered me. Now I just offer it up to the gods and say "whatever" as I am once again logged in.

I got a swedish massage the other day at the Open Center in NYC. It was okay but not great. I missed my Spanish deep tissue massage guy. He borders on making the session an S & M ritual ...his motto being "sometimes a little pain in the right place can be a very good thing."

There's truth in those words.


Terry at Blue Kitchen said...

One of my online connections recently insisted on beefing up security with their passwords. They demanded that new passwords contain caps and at least one symbol. So I added "FU!" to my old password.

evi said...

LOL - great response!

jodi said...

I was so bruised after my last massage that it hurt the next day when someone gave me a hug! But she did get the kinks out.

My bees don't have a disease. The dying was my own fault. I did something wrong with the hive top feeder again. But this time I have no idea what so I've gotten rid of those feeders and use a side one where I have very few that die (drown).