Monday, January 04, 2010

And so we begin....

I should be asleep. My holiday ended twenty six minutes ago.

The day after Christmas, we packed up and trucked up to Litchfield County, CT. Good friends of ours have a country house there that we stay at while they are away for the holiday. It is nestled in a beautiful wooded area next to a big stream and a huge hill.

On New Year's Eve, we joined a bunch of friends from the City who also stay up there for a big dinner party. It amazes me how my beautiful friend V can feed 15 people a glorious sit down dinner without breaking into a sweat. I would like to join the ranks of this rarefied group.

On New Years Day, I went for a walk down the snowy country road by the house. The stream follows the road -- and it was just the two of us. Going out for a winter walk is so invigorating. You can't help but feel hopeful about the new year ahead.

In my next post, I will discuss my latest obsession with slow cookers...and why I must have one.


jodi said...

The country house sounds wonderful.

I too would like to have dinner parties without breaking a sweat.

Terry at Blue Kitchen said...

Looking forward to your thoughts on slow cookers. I keep going back and forth on the subject. I hear great recipe ideas that make it sound like a great idea. But then I wonder if I need another bulky appliance in my kitchen. And I've heard more than one person say that basically, everything you cook in it tastes like Dinty Moore beef stew.