Saturday, September 05, 2009

Mountain HIgh

Up in Litchfield County, Connecticut on this long sunny weekend.

This place is a tonic for us. Everything is green, lush and beautiful. The Housatonic River is running higher than last summer. Driving along the waterside, you see a sprinkling of fly fishermen (and fisherwomen!) wading into the sunny center of the water with their graceful rods and lines in hand.

We choose to stay on land and hike up a small mountain in Cornwall. Nothing like hiking up a mountain to get a sense of just how out of shape you are! The three of us huffed and puffed. There were tears, laughter, much whining and ultimately a sense of pride as we got to the top ridge without killing each other. It was an amazing view of the hills surrounding us and a bit funny to be so high up that hawks were flying just 30 feet above our heads.

We needed to climb that mountain today and I'm glad we did.


jodi said...

To be that close to the flying hawks. Sounds wonderful. I like and can relate to the part about not killing each other :-). Have a good week!

Terry at Blue Kitchen said...

Nice that climbing the mountain was both real and symbolic. We've only recently discovered the pleasures of biking along Chicago's lakefront, going a little further on each ride. It too delivers some huffing and puffing, along with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

jodi said...

Thinking about you today.