Thursday, August 20, 2009

EVI - Back on the Block

I'm not sure if any of my beloved fellow bloggers are still checking in with ole EVI. If so, just want to apologize for my extended absence.

July was a very rough month that included a major move, a sudden and sad death and major let down. Right now we are enjoying the final days of a few weeks in Truro (Cape Cod).

Promise not to bore you to tears when I get back on Sunday.

Hoping you are all in good health and good spirits. Look forward to reading up on your blogs.



Terry at Blue Kitchen said...

Welcome back, EVI! Sorry July was so, um, eventful. Looking forward to getting your views on life and the world again soon.

OHN said...

Glad to see you will be back. :)

jodi said...

Glad that you are back. Sorry to hear about July.

Harpy said...

Leaving before the hurricane, smart move

Kranki said...

Still here and very sorry to hear that your summer has sucked so far.

Anonymous said...

Always checking in. Glad you are vacationing. I am 9 months into a major move, and had other major upheavals/deaths, so I wanted to share my mother's wisdom:

The first year of a move is always hard. Just get through it, don't take any depression or too much drinking or eating as a sign of a major problem: it's all connected to the move and after the year is out balance comes back.

Her wisdom about death of loved ones: Don't make any major plans or changes for the first year. Just grieve, don't move or redecorate or get a puppy, change jobs--keep things the same that can be kept the same.

This advice has saved me. I am watching myself get back in balance as I work toward November.

She never freaked out when she heard me opening another bottle of wine when we chit-chatted on the phone. I was scared for myself, and with eating a lot of pizza, but all has evened out again and I know it's because I didn't judge it.

Take care.

Perfect Girl

Floridora said...

You are back and we are glad.