Sunday, May 03, 2009

Hail Caesar!

Ben just returned on Friday from a three day environmental learning adventure with his fifth grade class. He fretted about this trip for months. Ben has never been away from us for more than an evening and even then it is usually with his local grandparents.

He was quite teary eyed as he loaded onto the bus. And naturally Brian and I felt like we were playing out a scene in Sophie's Choice. Yes, I missed him very much but more than that I wanted him to be happy and free in this new experience.

Well, Ben returned on Friday afternoon and it is no exaggeration to say that I was looking at a boy who'd taken a big step into tweenhood. He was a smiling, smelly mess as he swaggered into the car with his muddy hiking boots on. He said "Mom, I loved the camp we were at. It was so much fun and you know, I didn't miss you and Daddy like I thought I would. It was okay."


I just returned from Nino's where I took Ben and his friend Roland to chomp on pizza. Unfortunately, I had to drag them to Russo's for some Italian dinner items and Commodities for some organic food stuff. They both bravely walked along side me in the rain sans an umbrella. Bad Mommy! I was struck by their twenty minute conversation about Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece - they spoke with the authority of two young gods looking down from Mt. Olympus laughing sadly at those pathetic humans.

By the time we reached the doorstep, I was ready to give them both the Mighty Dork award. I gave them cookies instead.


Terry at Blue Kitchen said...

A wonderful big step for Ben, nicely told. And I think the cookies were probably a better choice than doling out Mighty Dork awards.

Dr. Deb said...

I love moments like that!