Saturday, March 21, 2009


My best friend Joe had open heart surgery this week. We have been good friends since 1968 when we met in 3rd grade and bonded over the Partridge Family.

He developed childhood leukemia in the early 70's and was one of the first group of kids to survive. The chemo lightened his hair permanently but it also damaged his he was to discover a few years ago.

The operation had some twists and turns that sent him back into surgery. His heart stopped twice.

He will have one more procedure, remain in ICU for a few days then off to a cardio rehab center. He is 46 years old.

We're not kids anymore. Although we are still eating the same amount of candy.


OHN said...

A friend with a couple good jokes, or someone to walk with would be a great thing during his recovery (and maybe a little candy too:)

Kranki said...

Damn! Poor guy. Yes, candy is certainly in order here.

jodi said...

What a stressful week for you both! Maybe candy for both of you!!!

Terry at Blue Kitchen said...

Apply candy as needed, evi. I hope Joe comes through beautifully. It helps that he's got a good friend there for him.

ellesu said...

I hope your Joe is doing well. There's too much sickness. The sons of two sets of friends have just finished with cancer treatment. One (only nineteen) is having a test next week to see how the chemo/radiation might have affected his heart. I pray for them all.