Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Bitter and Sweet

2008 was a tough year for me.

My mettle was tested to the limit professionally. I came out of it stronger, wiser and recognized for my value. If we could only become wise without the struggle!

Cancer scares - some real, some mistaken. some battles won, some battles lost.

One brother's new union not recognized by law, one sister divorces.

A decision to move on from my little East Village apartment in 2009 in search of space, quiet and nature.

The economy collapses. In terms of my sisters and brothers, three out of five lost their jobs - an investment banker, a marketing research expert, a top magazine editor.

Then November came and the spirits that built this beautiful country came alive again.

We have tremendous challenges ahead and I look forward to being part of the solution.

Cheers to all of you! May the New Year bring you good health, courage and much laughter.


Kranki said...

Here's to a MUCH better 2009!

jodi said...

Amen to that.

Terry at Blue Kitchen said...

Yes, 2008 left more than enough battle scars to go around. 2009 will not be a picnic in the country, but I think we're headed in a good direction now. Good luck to you and your family in 2009, evi.

ellesu said...

Here's to a better year for us all!

Hope is a grand thing.

Anonymous said...

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