Thursday, November 20, 2008

Grand Central Station

Finally a moment to update my blog. My new job at the groovy liberal arts college right outside the city is going well. It involves a reverse commute that takes me through Grand Central Station.

My God how I love Grand Central Station. It is my second favorite spot in New York after Tompkins Square Park. It feels like you are walking through the soul of the city. The main hall is huge with towering jade colored ceilings mapping out the constellations. Everything is bathed in a golden light - even the eateries and stores on the bottom floor and long hallways leading toward the streets of midtown. The energy of thousands of people in motion pulls you into the City's current. I don't know how the rush hour can have such a romantic feel to it - but it does.

I frequently get to the station ten minutes early and find myself wandering through the boutiques that have already been opened since 7:30 am (to oblige morning commuters). It is THE place to go when you desperately need a gift for a special occasion you absolutely forgot about and only have 20 minutes before work or before the train to rectify the situation.

These stores are aimed at impulse shopping.....and I just want to buy everything. I suppose I'll snap out of it in time. In the meantime, I have no defense for the "personal peppergrinder" I bought last week.


Terry at Blue Kitchen said...

I love Grand Central. If you're looking for a fun shop, the MTA actually has one there. Thinking of Grand Central, I'm reminded of a wonderful New Yorker cartoon. A person at the information booth is saying, "Don't know why there's no sun up in the sky." The person working the booth is answering, "Stormy weather."

ellesu said...

It is a beautiful place -- I think we ate at the food court.

And....I think everyone needs a personal peppergrinder.

Glad the new job's going well.

jodi said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! Good to hear that the job is going well and that you get to go through Grand Central Station on your commute. It's a beautiful spot and your so right about the energy there.

Anonymous said...

I'm a life-long Floridian, but NYC is the one place I truly feel at home. I am truly in love with NYC, and have been for a long time. I totally get how GCS can have a romantic feel--much of the city does for me! If only I could afford to live in a place big enough to fit all my 'stuff' in!