Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Life on Two Acres Meets Life on 450 Square Feet

This week I had the great fortune to meet Jodi aka Life on Two Acres. I'm pretty sure that Jodi responded to the second blog post I ever wrote somewhere back in August 2005. We've been following each others blogs ever since.

She suggested we meet at Joe's Coffee in the West Village - - which just proves that you could stick this woman in the mountains of Virginia or the middle of NYC and her good taste would always prevail.

Jodi and her husband (also a super nice person) obliged me as I dragged them from the West Village to the East Village. I'm sure I proved that native New Yorkers are the worst tour guides on the face of the earth.

I have always found Jodi's blog to be a comforting and authentic space to go to. She writes about her life and surroundings without pretense. It's through this lense that I see her sons, her home, the beautiful Virginia countryside, her beehives, her buckets of strawberries, her travels and all that we share as two women living at the same time, in the same country with much of the same joy and grief that life has to offer.

It's poetry. And it's beautiful.

But don't ask for a taste of the homemade strawberry jam or honey she gave me because I'm not sharing.


Terry at Blue Kitchen said...

A lovely post as always, evi. I certainly understand Jodi's ease in both worlds. As much as I consider myself a native New Yorker in spirit [even though, technically, I've never actually lived there], I'm beginning to "get" life outside big cities, even my own Chicago. We happened to spend a few hours this last weekend volunteering at an animal rescue shelter on a farm in Michigan. I was surprised at my own awakening to the pleasures of that kind of life. Of course it helped that several interesting towns and small cities, including two college towns, were within easy driving range.

jodi said...

We had so much fun. I like visiting neighborhoods. It's how you get to know the true essence of a city. It's also how you get to visit great restaurants, parks etc. Keeps one from visiting chain restaurants on vacations and seeing only typical tourist spots.

Kranki said...

Blogger meet ups! Woo!