Thursday, December 13, 2007

I have work coming out of my....

Sorry folks. Work has been insane.

If it isn't on the internet, Santa won't be bringing it on his slay.

Is it the Christmas season? Who knows. No time to buy a tree yet. And sadly no playing of Christmas music....which is the highlight of the holiday for me.

No sooner do I exhale then I'll be jumping into a car for my 20th anniversary ride down to Maryland and North Carolina for Christmas.

The other day I saw groups of people in Santa outfits roaming downtown going from bar to bar. It's an annual ritual and a pleasant spectacle to behold.

One gang of Santas was wearing kilts instead of red pants and black boots. That particular gang was hanging out with someone in a big Easter Bunny outfit.

Brian and I came out of a party on the lower east side at about 1 a.m. and encountered a good many santas who had been drinking for hours. Luckily no barfing Santas!


JT said...

EVI, I relate. As I was walking to work from the bus yesterday, I just started singing "Winter Wonderland." A kind of holiday multi-tasking. If you can't be home to play Christmas song, you can always sing them wherever you are!

ellesu said...

Hope you can un-lax (is that a word?) and listen to Christmas on your way down South.

You do know that NC is running out of water?! My daughter says the Raleigh water board site has a big banner counting down the number of days left for the water supply.

I would love to have seen those kilt wearing santas.

Dr. Deb said...

Wishing you a wonderful holiday and New Year.

jodi said...

Hope that you get to relax soon. Have a wonderful Christmas.

Linda said...

haha. that's santacon. my boyfriend did it two/three years ago. only the bad santa's stay out that late! they start at 9am or something.

sorry work has been overwhelming. i don't have a tree either :(

Kranki said...

Those Santas look pretty green.

Hope you have a relaxing few days.

nejyerf said...

Here's wishing you a nice relaxing Merry Christmas!