Saturday, November 17, 2007

May the Force be With You

Ben and I were talking about the problem the Catholic Church is having recruiting men to the priesthood.

He started to chuckle to himself and said "Maybe in the future they'll develop robot priests who can marry people."

Now that's something I'd like to stick around for.


Julie Turley, Kingsborough Librarian said...

isn't there some campaign which would allow priests to marry? That would solve their problems right there (except for the gay priests of course, but that's another campaign).

jodi said...

Robots would solve a lot of problems.

ellesu said...

When I used to travel through Acadiana (on my way to TX), there were billboards advertising for the priesthood. If I'm not mistaken (and I just might be), many of the priests in that area come from overseas.

east village idiot said...

Julie - one campaign at a time! You're so right.

Jar - it would definitely eliminate the perv problem.

ellesu - everywhere you go in this country the priests are from overseas - mostly developing countries. The last frontier!